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Whatcha Doin': Goals for 2017

Since it's well into 2017 I thought it might be a good idea to do a thing.

I won't lie. Blogging scares me. I haven't found my blogging voice yet, and I'm not sure I have the chops to give advice to people. So my posts will likely be sparse. No more than three a month I'd say... In a good month. Like I said. No chops... Yet.

But I would like to share something.

My writery goals for 2017.

Into the net! Naw... Sooooooo not a sportsball person....

Goal 1:

Like any writer with a finished manuscript, I want to get an agent this year. Barring that, I'm going to get at least 100 rejections. Where I'm going to find 100 places to sub to, I'm not sure, since I subbed to a bunch of agencies at the end of 2016. Maybe once I finish the list of agencies, I'll move on to Publishers. Either way. 100 rejections or bust! But definitely getting the agents' rejections first. Because I want that agent soooo bad I can taste it. But that's weird.

Goal 2:

I want to write and finish my second book. Which I've started, but is a little sciencier than the last so I've got to research and stuff and things. I want to be able to query it at this time next year if I don't have an agent, or sell it if I do. Big scary things.

Goal 3:

I want to write at least 1 but more like 2 short stories so that I can work on craft. Because practice makes perfect. And I want to submit those to magazines... Maybe. Or just put those up here on my blog, which is scary enough.

Goal 4:

Scariest of all for me. I want to be blogging at least 2 times a month to find my bloggy voice. Because how does one inform, entertain, AND be one's self as well as an "expert?" I don't know the answer. Maybe I'll find it. Maybe I won't. Maybe I'll just have to fake it until I believe it.

That's what I want to do in 2017. Perfectly achievable. Except maybe the ideal part of Goal 1... It, of course depends on a mysterious other person yet to be discovered in the future. Any clairvoyants out there? Want to tell me my future? Will I achieve my 2017 goals? I hope so!


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